Welcome to Camp Conejo

a fantastic summer based on the sisterhood of girl scouts


The boys unit are sibling brothers of Girl Scouts. They can also be the children of volunteers. The boys unit is offered as a perk for volunteers at a reduced rate of $45. The sibling price for a non parent volunteers is the regular rate. Boys must be 3 years old and older. Boys are led by PA boys and girls. One parent volunteer or Intern is the PA Director each session. The Boys unit attend some of the regular programming like dutch oven cooking, crafts, sports and so on. They also have some workshops designed just for them like pirate scavenger hunt, lego's, and baseball. The Boys can also be registered for after care. PA and Jr. PA boys should also attend the PA orientations. Boy PA's and Jr PA's wear a special PA shirt and they attend PA challenges and can earn PA awards. Boys unit PA's and Jr PA's are also eligible for Jr. Intern status if they are 10th-12th graders and they can choose their specialization and earn community service hours.