Welcome to Camp Conejo

a fantastic summer based on the sisterhood of girl scouts

Camp Harvest Moon 2018 is October 19th-21st. Camp Harvest Moon is located in Malibu Canyon. You can choose to stay two nights, one night or Saturday (DAY ONLY). This is a great opportunity for troops to bond and to have a great time in nature. Troops stay together in cute cabins with bunk beds. Cabins sleep 18-20. Larger troops can get several cabins. Individual girls and moms are welcome to register as well. Troops will share cabins with other troops and cabin mates decorate their cabins in Fall or Halloween themes. Girls attend workshops on Saturday and Sunday. Workshops often include outdoor art, dutch oven cooking, archery, ropes, and more. We do a 6:30am Polar Bear swim and the girls earn a patch after jumping in the brrrrrr cold pool at sunrise. Food is included in the price, so come and enjoy time with your daughter or the troop at Camp Harvest Moon. We always need PA's to come and help run a workshop! Camp Harvest Moon is all volunteer run and the kitchen is managed by troop #60497 and #60228. Get ready to enjoy swaps and s'mores and to get back to nature at Camp Harvest Moon! 

Cadette, Senior and Ambassador troops get to stay together slumber party style in an indoor pavillion or tents. Daisy, Brownie and Juniors stay in cabins. Cabins are heated and each bunk has a twin mattress. Larger cabins available for very large troops. Cabins sleep 18-20. Parents stay with their Daisy, Brownie and Junior Girl Scout daughters in the cabins. 

Badges girls (D/B/J) will be earning 3 skill badges (2 included w/ registration): 

DAISY Eco Learner

DAISY Board Game Design Challenge

DAISY Buddy Camper (add on badge $4) 

BROWNIE Eco Friend 

BROWNIE Fling Flier 

BROWNIE Cabin Camper (add on badge $4)

JUNIOR Environmental Stewardship

JUNIOR Paddle Boat design challenge 

JUNIOR Camper Badge (add on badge $4)


Leadership Fun patch, Girl Scout Way badge  

Cadette's will be Program Aids (PA's) at Harvest Moon and will not participate as campers. They can attend archery before workshops begin and they will attend an after hours Leadership experience only for Cadettes, Seniors and Ambassadors. PA's can come for the day or spend the night. We have aduly chaperones on site for overnight PA's.

PA's will lead and assist workshops, lead the camp fire, teach songs and inspire younger campers. PA parents do not need to stay for the day or overnight unless they would like to register to volunteer. 

All levels will be attending the badge skill workshops plus dutch oven cooking, camping, swimming and (B/J) will be attending archery. Please bring s'mores stuff for the campfire on Friday and Saturday night. Also bring 10-15 swaps per participant for swapping on Saturday night. 

Every attendee receives a Camp Harvest Moon event patch as well as a fun swap patch in fall or Halloween themes. 

Cabins have heaters, locking doors and sleep 12-13. Camp Gilmore is located on the Salvation Army property with a secure gate requiring a code (you will receive the code prior to the event), plus the gate has a 24 hour camera posted at the entrance. There will be additional security: A private security guard will monitoring the gate overnight from 9pm to 6am. . 

Registration Fees:

One night youth: $85

Two nights youth: $125

Day only youth (D/B/J): $50

Day only Adult $25

Day only PA (C/S/A): $25

One night PA (C/S/A): $55

Two nights PA (C/S/A): $80

​PA (Program Aide) DAY only $25

Parent volunteer (help at workshops all day Saturday and Sunday morning): $85 (two nights), $55 (one night) 

Adult Volunteer $25 (willing to assist wherever needed the entire weekend) $25 flat rate is for one or two nights, helping day and night at Harvest Moon. 


All meals included: 4 meals (one night),

5 meals (two nights), plus program supplies and workshops, 2 skill badges (D/B/J), 2-3 fun patches, polar bear swim, swimming time, PA's and volunteers receive a free Harvest Moon shirt. 

Registration for Harvest Moon