*Refunds: Normally we do not allow refunds at all due to purchasing supplies and paying for camp necessities, credit card fees and because we begin purchasing as early as March. However, due to very unusual circumstances with COVID-19, we will be extending a refund of 95% of the fee paid until 6/15. We still had minor operating expenses to cover. You will receive a 5% discount on next year's camp registration (Conejo Leadership Camp, Conejo Girl's Camp, Conejo Boy's Camp). Coupon code will be (code 5-2020). You can also use the 5% discount for the Leadership Retreat 2021. 

*If you opt to stay registered in Virtual Aloha Camp Conejo, you will receive a 50% refund from the early-bird rate. You must fill out the form (link will be posted on this site on May 13th). All Virtual Aloha Camp registrants will receive a 10% discount on next year's camp. (code 10-2020) Type your paragraph here.

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