Welcome to Camp Conejo

a fantastic summer based on the sisterhood of girl scouts


Q.   What is included for the $150?   

A.  Campers receive a fantastic program that includes all supplies, a camp T-shirt, 6 patches, snacks and more!

Q.  Can my daughter be with her friend?   

A. Yes, your daughter can request one friend to be in her Tribe.  Campers are placed in tribes of 7-10 campers of the same age group. Campers can request up to 2 friends to be placed with them. We make every effort to create balanced tribes with girls having both old friends and the opportunity to make new friends. We honor the request if friends request each other - the friend MUST request your daughter too.  If the request is not mutual it MAY NOT BE HONORED.    

Q: What is the Jr PA program?

A: This is an optional program for youth entering 6th grade. Youth entering 6th grade register as campers and attend all programming as campers. They choose one friend to be with and they receive mentoring from PA's. Jr. PA's get leadership training while enjoying all the perks of being campers. Jr. PA's are invited to a pre-camp orientation. 

Q. Why don’t the older girls who are volunteering go for free?

A. These girls are working on leadership badges during camp.  They are minors and we are still required to have adults at camp to supervise.  They also participate in activities each day.  We purchase supplies (art, tie dye, camp shirts, snacks, and one lunch per session) for the girls and must cover those expenses.  PA's also receive one PA shirt, lanyard, camp patch, and 2 leadership patches. PA's do have the option to participate in most of the workshops, once the campers have completed theirs. PA's are also required to attend a pre-camp orientation which includes pizza. PAs are a vital part of the program!

Q. My daughter is not in a troop, can she still come to camp?

A. Absolutely! You do not need to be in an active troop, however, you do need to register as a Girl Scout. At registration, you will be directed to an additional form to register as a Girl Scout and have to pay the $15 registration fee (in addition to camp fees).  

Q. Why is there no troop registration for camp? ​

A.  Camp Conejo is not a troop event.  This is a community event, we want girls to meet new girls and make new friends.  It is also difficult when the majority of girls in a small group know each other, the few left in the group feel left out.  Girls can request 1 friend to be with but sorry, no troop registration.  Also, there are forms that each parent needs to fill out for her daughter and it cannot be managed at a troop level. 

Q. As a Volunteer, will I be with my daughter’s group at camp?

A. Yes, you will definitely see your daughter at day camp, however you may not be placed with her for the entire volunteer time. 

Q. What forms do I need to register my daughter for camp?

A. Before you begin the registration process, locate your daughter’s immunization record.  You will also need emergency contact information, health insurance information and your payment.  You will fill out the four forms listed on the FORMS page. PA's and Jr. PA's need to fill out a PA resume and send it with the required paperwork. 

Q. Is there a volunteer discount? ​

A. Yes, and we really like giving it as we cannot run the camp without volunteers!  A parent who volunteers for the full session (5 days) receives a free registration for their daughter. If you are registering more than one daughter, the first daughter is free and the second is the full fee. If you are registering a son, he will get the boys unit for $45. The sibling girls pay full fee because the program is primarily geared for Girl Scouts, while the boys unit is slighly less formal. Please note that there is a mandatory information / training session prior to the start of camp for all volunteers. Volunteers receive one full fee camper free (or a Jr. PA/PA). The fee will be refunded on your credit card, once you are approved as a volunteer. You must agree to volunteer M-F 8:30-3:30 (the full session). Partial volunteers are welcome too, but no guaranteed price reduction will be given unless by special permission or scholarship/financial aid. All volunteers have a guaranteed spot for their child and one buddy. 

Q. Does my Camper/PA/Jr. PA/Jr. Intern need to wear her camp shirt every day?

A. Yes.  We have camp shirts for several reasons, the most important is safety.  Also, with camp shirts, all the girls are on the same team.  There are no wardrobe comparisons, no treasured shirts to get paint on, etc...  We know wearing the same shirt each day might get a little stinky if you don’t have time to wash it each night so we do offer you a chance to purchase additional T’s at minimal cost.   

Q. Can I drop my Camper off early?

A. No, but drop off begins at 8:40.  We do not have adequate supervision for girls prior to camp’s designated starting time.  Our volunteers are getting ready for the days activities.  Please do NOT bring your girls to camp expecting to sign them in early.  If you cannot be there to be responsible for them, be sure you have arrangements with another adult.  You must authorize that adult to sign your daughter in/out on your registration forms. 

Q. Is there any food or snack provided?  Will my child be able to refill her/his water bottle? ​

A. Each day at day camp we provide a healthy snack for the girls.  We serve the snack mid-morning.  Each girl brings her own lunch.  Be sure your daughter’s lunch is packed in an insulated bag with appropriate ice pack to keep her food cold.   Every day we also purchase lots of ice.  Water coolers are refilled often and kept cold.  Girls should have a re-fillable water bottled labeled clearly with their name. Be sure to let us know of any severe food allergies on our paperwork. 

Q. Can my child alter their camp shirt?

A. They cannot cut the logo. They can fringe and decorate their shirt with beads. They cannot cut off the sleeves or make it so short that they have to wear another shirt underneath it. They cannot write on the shirt until Friday. 

Q. What if I can't afford the price of camp? ​

A. Financial assistance is available.  Please contact Camp Director, Denise Burke at campconejo@gmail.com for details or submit your question through the tab above.  

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. You can cancel your registration by 3/15 and receive a full refund. After March 15th there are no refunds. You can sell your your spot to another camper. Please inform us of the person you sell it to and include their e-mail, parent name and girl you are transferring it to. 

Q. Who is the Camp Director?

A. Denise Sheaks Burke MA, LCSW is the Camp Founder and Director. She attended Columbia University in New York City and earned her MS degree in Social Work. She also earned an MA degree in Counseling from New Jersey City University. Denise is an LCSW counseling teens at Moorpark High School. Denise also has a private practice in Camarillo, providing counseling to children, teens, couples, individuals and families. Denise has been working with teens for 20 years. She has a passion for inspiring leadership in youth and strives to help all kids at Camp Conejo feel like they are a part of a camp family. Contact Denise anytime with questions about Camp Conejo.