Campers receive 6 fun patches each session with their registration fee.

June Session 2019 Fun Patches:

Super Hero, Painting Party, Capture The Flag, Kindness Rocks, Game Mania, Ice Cream Making, Camp Conejo patch

The above FUN Patches are included with every camper and PA registration.  

To Order Skill Badges

​​​​​​SESSION :  June 24th-28th  2019

BROWNIES (2018 Badges) 

June 2018

Brownie Journey: Wow! Wonder of Water, Letter Boxer, Hiker, Brownie First Aid, Making Friends, My Great Day, Dancer

JUNIORS (2018 Badges)

June 2018
Detective, Playing The Past, Junior First Aid, Social Butterfly, Staying fit, Independence, Musician, Journey aMuse

Pre-Camp Leadership Safari: Outdoor art, Camping, Archery (Journey optional)

Welcome to Camp Conejo

a fantastic summer based on the sisterhood of girl scouts

CADETTE (2018 Badges) 

June 2018
Trailblazing, First Aid, Babysitter, Eating For You, Special Agent 

Pre-Camp Leadership Safari 2018
Journey: MEdia

Field Day, Budgeting, Outdoor Art Apprentice 

SENIORS (2018 Badges) 

June 2018

First Aid, Business Etiquette

Pre-Camp Leadership Safari 2018

Journey: Mission Sisterhood

Locavore, Truth Seeking, Outdoor Art Expert

DAISIES (2018 Badges)

June 2018:

Daisy Journey

Between Earth and Sky