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Virtual Leadership Camp: 

Hello, I'm Denise Burke, MA, LCSW founder of Camp Conejo (in 2012) and Virtual Leadership Camp (2020). I started making videos once we were all quarantined. I have been in the mental health profession as a therapist and program director for over 20 years. In stressful times, youth need a connection to positive things like their friends, hobbies, family, church, sports, and activities they enjoy. I have always loved camp because camp helps youth feel like they can try new things, make new friends, bond with old friends and they enjoy feeling like they are a part of a camp family. Since so many activities are now on hold, we all have to be creative and bring some of the things that help us feel connected into the home through technology. These virtual camp workshops are easy to follow, generally, 4-5 minutes long, and they are meant for youth and parent(s)/guardians to do together. I hope you and your youth enjoy our virtual camp workshops. ur paragraph here.