​​​​​​SESSION :  July 13-17th

DAISIES (2020 Badges)

July 2020 

Daisy Journey

Think Like a Citizen Scientist

Badge: Good Neighbor


Camp Conejo is an independently owned and operated camp. We provide workshops that fulfill requirements for Girl Scout badges. Non Girl Scouts and Girl Scouts are welcome at Camp Conejo. We provide a leadership experience for girls K-12th. Each registrant receives 6 fun patches. Official Girl Scout badges are not included and must be purchased seperately. Girl Scouts (7th-12) are invited to participate in after care for extra volunteer hours.

July Session 2020

Fun Patches:

Friendship Knot, Field Day, Bingo, Dream Catchers, Box Oven Cooking, Swaps, Camp Conejo patch

The above FUN Patches are included with every camper and Counselor (PA) registration. 

Other workshops: Tennis, karate, yoga, meditation, music and game mania

CADETTE (2020 Badges) 
July 2020

First Aid, Finding Common Ground, Cadette Eating For You, New Cuisine, Cadette Volunteer Pin

SENIORS (2020 Badges) 

July 2020

First Aid, Senior Women's Health, Girl Scout Senior Volunteer pin

AMBASSADOR (2020 Badges)

July 2020

Ambassador Volunteer Pin, Dinner party, Ambassador First Aid


Welcome to Camp Conejo

a fantastic leadership summer camp

JUNIORS (2020 Badges)
July 2020

Detective, Practice With Purpose, First Aid, Staying Fit, Musician              

BROWNIES (2020 Badges) 
July 2020

Brownie First Aid, Dancer, My Great Day, My Family Story, Inventor, Making Friends