Counselor's (Formerly Program Aids) are girls going into 7th-12th grade in the fall of 2019. Being a Counselor gives an amazing opportunity to lead younger girls, lead workshops and be a role model for the campers to look up to. 


Counselor applicants must have a desire to work with younger girls in an outdoor setting. Counselor's attend a mandatory orientation the Sunday before the camp session. Counselor's have a pizza party at camp on the Friday during each camp session and they attend a Counselor challenge (where Counselor's and Jr. Counselor's compete in fun games like tug of war, water balloon toss and more)! Counselor's receive 2 Leadership patches each session. Counselor's wear a PA shirt and some modifications are allowed. Counselors receive community service hours and are eligible for special awards, prizes and stellar Counselor tie dye shirts. Counselor's, Jr. Counselor's and girls entering 5th grade.

Jr. Counselor PROGRAM! (formerly Jr. PA's) 

Jr. Counselor's are girls entering 6th grade in the fall of 2019. Jr. Counselor's register as campers but they get some of the counselor perks! Jr. Counselor's attend the pre-camp orientation and they get Jr. Counselor status at camp. Jr. Counselor's get to pick one other Jr. Counselor friend to be with and they are assigned to a tribe of campers with two counselor's as their mentors. Jr. Counselor's get to do all of the program workshops along with the campers and they also get to assist younger campers. Jr. Counselors are eligible for stellar counselor t-shirts and awards. Jr. Counselor's receives 2 leadership patches at the end of the week and will have earned an LIA badge (purchased separately). Jr. Counselor's also receive 6 fun patches with their registration. Jr. Counselor's earn badges at camp (separate purchase from the GS store). Jr. Counselor's also attend the camp Counselor Challenge and they wear a special Jr. Counselor shirt. Jr. Girls entering 6th can also choose to opt out of being Jr. Counselor's and they'll be placed in a J tribe as a camper. 


Jr. Interns are Leaders in Training. Jr. Interns are Counselor's entering 10th-12th grade in the fall of 2019. They have the option of leading and designing workshops. They also get to mentor and assist PA's. Jr. Interns get to attend a Jr. Intern dinner along with the college interns after camp on the Thursday of each session. Jr. Interns also assist leading the pre-camp orientation. They can also choose a specialization in leadership, photography, first aid or archery. Jr. Interns must be interviewed by the Camp Director (Denise Burke) prior to being accepted into the Jr. Intern Program. Counselor's do not need to be interviewed. Jr. Intern applicants submit a Counselor Resume (under forms tab) to Denise Burke: holisticguidance@gmail.com.   

Leadership Retreat at The Four Seasons!

When: March 30th, 2019

All Counselor's, Jr. Counselor's, and Jr. Interns are invited to register for the Leadership Retreat at The Four Seasons in Westlake. There will be two available retreats: March 30th, 2019. The retreat will begin at 9am Saturday and conclude at 11:30am on Sunday. The retreat includes team building, leadership skills training, LIA training option, lip synch contest, swimming, teen arcade, dinner and dancing. Register early because the retreat fills up fast! Each room is slumber party style accommodations. Bring sack lunch for Saturday. ARRIVE 9am on Saturday in the Malibu Room at The Four Seasons. Snacks and dinner (pizza) provides. Wear camp shirt or GS shirt. Bring forms: annual consent, health history and PA resume. Forms can be found on this site under forms tab. These are the same forms needed for camp. Archery form is also needed for camp. 


High School graduates in 2020 or college students are eligible to intern. Interns develop program, attend pre-camp meetings, attend camp dinners, and help in all aspects of camp planning and camp operations. Interns have a blast while learning valuable leadership skills. Interns must apply and attend an interview. 


There is one Counselor/Jr. Counselor Orientation before the camp session. The mandatory orientation is Sunday, June 9th from 4-7pm at Colina Boys and Girls Club, multi-purpose room. It doesn't matter how many times a girls has been a Counselor (PA) before, she must still attend the orientation prior to camp. If she cannot attend the orientation, please contact Denise Burke. Jr. Interns must also attend the orientation but they also assist in planning and leading the orientation. The orientation is important because girls prepare for the upcoming session. They get their tribe buckets prepared, get their tribe and workshop assignments and they attend 1-2 badge workshops. Pizza and dessert is served during the orientation. 

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